Take advantage of custom web3 AI agents

Save time and money with intillegent suport that has restricted answers according to your business needs!

Switch easily between base and secure chats!


Beginnig of the chat

Zeta, the AI assistant

Hi, I'm your assistant, Zeta! 👋 How may I assist you today?

🤓 Understand Like a Human

AI agents don't just follow scripts; they grasp your needs. They think, adapt, and provide a tailored experience that standard chatbots can't match.

🛡️ Secure connection

By using the XMTP protocol, customers can ensure that their conversations are not leaked, providing a secure and private way to interact with AI agents.

🌍 Speak Globally

Break down language barriers. Engage customers in 60+ languages and connect like never before. That's the power of AI agents.

🧬 Evolve with Your Needs

Forget manual updates. Our AI agents grow smarter every day, offering scalable solutions that adapt to your ever-changing requirements.